IT security should not become an end in itself

No matter who you listen to today, they will tell you just how important security is for IT solutions – and not just since the NSA activities were brought to light. For many German IT suppliers, the security of their solutions is their main selling point. It is true that IT solutions with maximum IT security are important and that German data protection and data security standards have a key role to play in this scenario. However, no head of IT will decide to buy solely on the grounds of security considerations. User friendliness, implementation capability and professional support for digital transformation processes are much more important.

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Wireless Business: Mobile accesses sharply on the rise

More mobility, more cloud: Mobile and wireless accesses in business have increased dramatically. According to the 2014 Network Barometer Report, wireless business has grown by approximately 30 percent over the past twelve months. Continue reading “Wireless Business: Mobile accesses sharply on the rise”

System houses need the digital transformation now

Just because information technologies are undergoing change, this does not automatically mean that traditional IT business, including its system houses, has come to the end of its useful life. That being said, companies today do need to address the issue of further development. Otherwise, the specifically German channel model will be in serious trouble in 18 months at the latest. Continue reading “System houses need the digital transformation now”