Mergers and Acquisitions: Why they can’t work without IT

Companies want to grow in order to secure their market position and so they merge with or take over other companies. However, what most people forget is how the success of such transactions is linked to the IT infrastructure. Continue reading “Mergers and Acquisitions: Why they can’t work without IT”

Modernising the IT infrastructure, secure cost benefits

Germany’s economy is based on medium-sized companies which, for their part, depend on their innovative strength. But innovation also calls for change and Germany’s medium-sized business sector should not hesitate to renew its IT infrastructures. Because this brings monetary benefits. Continue reading “Modernising the IT infrastructure, secure cost benefits”

Data is secure in the cloud – when you choose the right provider

Data protection is still a hot topic and the debate about the security of personal data has been refuelled since the developers of TrueCrypt announced the end of the encryption software. But that all has very little to do with company data in the cloud. Continue reading “Data is secure in the cloud – when you choose the right provider”