Customer service: without a digital strategy, companies can shut shop

The contact center is an area that highlights just how much pressure is on companies to transform. According to the latest Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report from Dimension Data, successful customer service is already impossible today without the use of digital channels. Continue reading “Customer service: without a digital strategy, companies can shut shop”

Mergers and Acquisitions: Why they can’t work without IT

Companies want to grow in order to secure their market position and so they merge with or take over other companies. However, what most people forget is how the success of such transactions is linked to the IT infrastructure. Continue reading “Mergers and Acquisitions: Why they can’t work without IT”

IT as a service in every second company

According to a joint survey by North Bridge and Gigaom, close to 45 percent of all companies world-wide run critical business processes in the cloud or are planning a comprehensive shift (Click to Tweet). This means that today almost every second company uses IT as a service (ITaaS) to handle key processes or is planning to outsource to the cloud. Continue reading “IT as a service in every second company”

Join the cloud! And what’s going to happen to the data centre?

The data centre is the heart of a company’s IT infrastructure. But this status is also not immune to the digital transformation. Following a precise analysis, companies now have to decide whether or not they wish to continue exclusively with services from their own data centres or to upgrade their IT structures with cloud solutions. Continue reading “Join the cloud! And what’s going to happen to the data centre?”

Modernising the IT infrastructure, secure cost benefits

Germany’s economy is based on medium-sized companies which, for their part, depend on their innovative strength. But innovation also calls for change and Germany’s medium-sized business sector should not hesitate to renew its IT infrastructures. Because this brings monetary benefits. Continue reading “Modernising the IT infrastructure, secure cost benefits”