Join the cloud! And what’s going to happen to the data centre?

The data centre is the heart of a company’s IT infrastructure. But this status is also not immune to the digital transformation. Following a precise analysis, companies now have to decide whether or not they wish to continue exclusively with services from their own data centres or to upgrade their IT structures with cloud solutions. Continue reading “Join the cloud! And what’s going to happen to the data centre?”

IT security should not become an end in itself

No matter who you listen to today, they will tell you just how important security is for IT solutions – and not just since the NSA activities were brought to light. For many German IT suppliers, the security of their solutions is their main selling point. It is true that IT solutions with maximum IT security are important and that German data protection and data security standards have a key role to play in this scenario. However, no head of IT will decide to buy solely on the grounds of security considerations. User friendliness, implementation capability and professional support for digital transformation processes are much more important.

Continue reading “IT security should not become an end in itself”

Cloud and outsourcing – a challenging combination

In an enlightening conversation with the head of IT at a large international group, I recently discovered once again just how difficult it is for companies to implement innovation. In an increasingly fast-track business environment, long-term planning often curtails flexibility. Continue reading “Cloud and outsourcing – a challenging combination”