Time to move IT

A couple of months ago,I wrote about cloud computing and how it was affecting IT resellers. I clearly recall that fear and skepticism were rife at the time. One question persists: Will cloud computing endanger resellers’ business models? My answer then was: Not if you embrace change and move on!

The situation has already changed: cloud computing has been creating a buzz at the 2012 Fujitsu Forum. People are talking about our Cloud Store. It is a prime example of how resellers can benefit from cloud computing. To put it simply, it is a win-win-win-win-situation. Hard to believe? Here’s why I believe that.



A joint effort involving many parties is what makes the Cloud Store so special, enabling us to broaden our reach through our multichannel concept. First, there is the Cloud Store itself, which gives customers direct access to our whole range of offerings, allowing them to select tailored solutions. Second, there are our ISVs who can now offer their software as a cloud solution through our store – literally within a couple of hours. In contrast to other plans, however, customers’ only contract is with the ISV, not with Fujitsu. Third, there are our resellers. They can enter the cloud market quickly and easily through our Cloud Store. They can choose between two versions: Either they pick our provisioning model, in which case they act as an “app-broker” and will receive a lifetime commission, or they opt for the partner model. In this case, they can sell apps and extra services to their customers and will receive a defined margin. We know from experience that small and medium-sized enterprises in particular appreciate having a partner who is on an equal footing. That is why resellers are so important, both to our customers and to us. That is also why cloud stores will never replace them.

Distributors and system integrators, (speaking of equal footing), play an equally important role in our Cloud Store concept. Since they are closely linked to resellers, they are a vital part of the cloud sales cycle. We are extremely pleased that Also Actebis has recently joined us and is now supporting distribution through our Cloud Store. They consult our resellers and help them change and adapt their business models.

Tying this all together is a strong and reliable brand: Fujitsu. Our goal is to be a powerful, passionate partner for every participant. We firmly believe that this model does not affect the channel in a negative fashion. Instead, it accelerates it. We can cooperate more intensively with customers and partners, we can increase sales opportunities, we can get closer to customers and we can boost velocity and efficiency. Together, we can take the eco-system to the next level.

We will establish an integration platform at that next level. This integration platform will dramatically improve the app-to-app integration; customers will be able to connect apps as needed and can rely on a single and unified data model. This is still another step towards our sole goal, which is to offer compelling new solutions to our customers!


Yours sincerely,

Andre Kiehne

Author: Andre Kiehne

Director Solution Sales, Microsoft Germany GmbH

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