Ready for Takeoff – The Fujitsu Cloud Store Launches

Nowadays, time is money – and cloud is speed. Each minute sees 168 million emails sent, 510,000 comments posted on Facebook, 24,148 apps downloaded from app stores. Powered by the cloud, we can all connect to the people and processes that we need – anytime, anywhere. Society is in transition. Cloud is the reason, but cloud is the solution as well. Our new Cloud Store is a vivid example of how small and medium-sized businesses in the midst of this change can benefit from it.

The Fujitsu Cloud Store is based on our award-winning Global Cloud Platform. Sellers and buyers enjoy a one-stop ecosystem for business on demand in the cloud. What has become standard for us as private users now also works in a business environment: users can immediately evaluate, recommend and select a solution that works – no more bothering with patches, updates and other time-consuming administrative tasks. On the other hand, Software providers can become cloud ready within just a few days, enabling them to expand their market reach without high entry costs or outlay. This represents a huge advantage, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, since we offer the highest security standards and host the data at our local data centers in Germany. We thus enable smaller companies to offer higher standards than ever before to their customers.


A long list of interested parties is already waiting to check in. More than 50 partners, 60 apps, 250 customers and 700 users have already entered our Store – take a look! They form a growing ecosystem. Among them is software vendor Verpura. The enterprise offers instant revision-proof document management via the Cloud Store. They also connect with other ISV partners, generating additional value for all their customers.


Those of you who are into winter sports may be familiar with the name Völkl. The renowned ski maker is already using software from our Cloud Store. The company deploys a solution from our partner SSP to satisfy data-security and IT-compliance requirements. There are many more examples of how customers are doing business in our store– from Vogelsänger to agorum  to Kendox. You’ll find solutions for many aspects of your business – whether it is customer-relationship management, enterprise-resource planning or a collaboration tool.


So sit back, enjoy the flight, enjoy simplicity and – enjoy worry-free IT.


Yours sincerely,

Andre Kiehne

Author: Andre Kiehne

Director Solution Sales, Microsoft Germany GmbH

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