Resellers of the World: It’s time to move!

Happy Birthday, Planet Reseller! For ten years now, the area has been the focal point for resellers visiting the CeBIT fair. A lot has changed during that time. Cloud computing, for example, has reached the channel and is about to turn it around. Around half of the resellers in the German channel agree. Meanwhile, they expect opportunities from new products and services related to cloud computing. But a remarkable 22 percent fear that cloud computing will endanger their business model. Who’s right?


Maybe both are, because the only constant is change. It is simply inevitable that a successful player in the IT channel will constantly adapt to new products, new challenges and new trends. So why not embrace cloud computing? I believe that people who think they can sit it out and wait for cloud computing to yield to some other trend will face hard times because they may miss huge opportunities. Maybe their business model really is endangered, but this may be true only because they have not yet found a way to integrate cloud computing.

Take the smashing success of our SaaSification factory. Hundreds of ISV partners have lined up to benefit from our Business Solutions Store. Maybe all a reseller needs to do is find the right ISV partner who can offer his solutions as a cloud model. Or maybe it is simply time to think out of the box. My advice: think like a user who – in most cases – doesn’t really care about gigahertz or gigabytes but rather, about running his business smoothly, about results and about flexibility. You will then naturally arrive at a cloud solution.

I hear from my colleagues at our Planet Reseller booth in hall 14 that many of their visitors believe that CeBIT 2012 will mark a turning point for cloud computing in the channel. My personal impression from my talks with partners is exactly the same. Whereas the cloud had a somewhat futuristic touch in 2011, it has now fully arrived in channel members’ everyday lives. It’s like good food or the air that we breathe: nobody can resist it.

Yours sincerely,

Andre Kiehne

Author: Andre Kiehne

Director Solution Sales, Microsoft Germany GmbH

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