Ideas, Innovations and Inventions – Everything is an App

When I am up in the sky in an airplane and I look down at the earth below, it looks like a huge beehive. Especially in the dark, you see the headlamps of thousands of cars moving like busy bees. Everybody’s mobile, everybody’s connected, everybody’s eager.

So much energy has to flow somewhere. That was exactly my thought when I was mobile myself and on my way to the CeBIT. At the fair in Hanover, I saw where it ends up – in creativity, in fresh ideas, in innovations. In Hall 16 there were lots of innovative start-ups with ideas for mobile applications. It was at CODE_n12 , an international competition for developers of digital innovations.

Fifty finalists presented fifty applications. And there were quite intriguing ideas shaping mobile life. Maybe some of the cars I watched from the plane were taxis being called with the ‘myTaxi-app whose inventor was among the participants (and who turned out to be the winner, by the way). Maybe some other people were just cooking with the help of ‘caramelised ’, an app that helps you find the recipe you’re looking for within seconds. And at someplace else there might have been friends searching and locating each other with ‘Joined ’.

Granted – the majority of the apps are specially suited for private use. However, the consumerization of IT is also affecting business applications. Especially mobility is a big instigator of technology and of cloud computing. People are connected, using different devices to access their applications in private as well as in business life. In combination with the Business Solutions Store cloud services and mobility will unite and unfold their full force. ‘There is an app for that!’ What nowadays is mostly said concerning private pleasure will soon become a standard utterance in our business life. No need to worry about proliferation of applications though, there is an app for that as well – a cross-platform mobile device management tool.

Anyway, the code_n competition shows more than specific tools and applications. It shows how much potential there is for new ideas – especially from Germany. Six out of the ten finalists come from Germany. A recent survey confirms that Germany has improved its position and is now among the top 4 countries when it comes to innovation. More innovation means greater competitiveness. The good news is, this is not a snapshot but a long-term development because successful innovations are based on a stable foundation. Having seen all the inventions, innovations and new ideas at the CeBIT, I am convinced that the future of innovation – not only from Germany but from all over the world – is very promising indeed.


Yours sincerely,

Andre Kiehne

Author: Andre Kiehne

Director Solution Sales, Microsoft Germany GmbH

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