What Color is the Cloud? Is it the ‘New Black’?

I recently had a chance to go shopping with my family and the inevitable happened – I ended up being the jury for some truly breathtaking fashion. Sitting there and waiting for the next revelation, I asked myself: “If you had to attach a color to the cloud, what would it be? Would it be red for alarm? Or blue for the wide-open sky? Or green for ecological advances? Or a grayish-brown mixture that tries to be all things to all people?”

For me, the cloud is the new black. It’s like the black dress that makes every woman appear noble and elegant, or like the sports car that every man dreams of driving (to labor a few clichés). Black stands for power, respectability, elegance and sophistication. In short: it’s attractive.

It’s so attractive that eighty percent of workers are using cloud services to accelerate their jobs. The new technology often comes through the – unguarded – backdoor. If you ask a company whether it is using cloud services, the IT department will probably say “no” whereas its employees will answer with a cheerful “yes”. This is not a secure, compliant approach. The challenge for IT departments is to get back into the driver’s seat. Introduce technologies that provide flexibility and simplify work processes. If you don’t, users will do it themselves.

By opting for cloud services, a company will also become more attractive to new and younger employees. They grew up with mobile devices that provide online data access anytime, anywhere. Social media like Facebook and Twitter are second nature to them. However, concepts like “Bring your own IT” or the use of social networks in the workplace are much easier to implement in a cloud infrastructure. Adopting the cloud will pay out twofold for businesses – they will establish an effective HR instrument and at the same time, they will ease daily communication and information transfer.

The black dress only looks good if it fits your figure perfectly. So take your time and find the perfect size and style. The elegance of cloud computing lies in its flexibility; it also eliminates multiple steps in the traditional IT purchasing process. Trial runs proceed hassle-free, and amendments are easy and fast (if your provider has the right infrastructure). Once you have clearly defined your needs, all it takes to adapt is to hit the “enter” key and you get a sleek fit.

Take Fujitsu, for example. Our company is constantly adapting as well. We are extending our scope steadily to deliver real business solutions. As reported in my last post during Forum 2011, we have announced the Business Solutions Store for the spring of 2012. ISVs can now easily provide their software as a service.

So if you haven’t already done so, get ready to show offyour IT black dress!


Andre Kiehne

P.S.: Of course, the shopping spree ended up with a gorgeous black dress. Wouldn’t you know it?

Author: Andre Kiehne

Director Solution Sales, Microsoft Germany GmbH

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