Vibrant Cloud Formation during Fujitsu Forum 2011

I hope you’ve all had an exciting and inspiring time at the Fujitsu Forum 2011. If you could not attend, here is my very personal wrap-up of impressions: In a nutshell, I was thoroughly overwhelmed by the positive resonance and the many talks I had with attendees. Cloud computing was definitely one of the most intensively discussed topic.

I believe that Forum 2011 was so important because many people came together at the right time to discuss everything about the cloud – and start their individual journey to cloud formation. As diverse the experts’ perspectives and backgrounds were as intriguing and bold were their ideas, thoughts and opinions.

For example, Jeremy Worrell, Director of Cloud Computing, asked an important question: Is a cloud strategy, in a traditional sense, still adequate? A cloud, if faultily implemented, will cause more costs than it actually saves. New technologies require new approaches, he believes – and I quite agree with him. Business agility is more than just a fancy term; it is a prerequisite for success. Consequently, Worrel proposes a radical approach. Put strategy into question and prefer a modern, analytical approach that reconciles the cloud service with the broader IT and business strategy.

Since its launch at the Fujitsu Forum the majority of feedback and requests I receive is about our new Business Solution Store and Fujitsu’s commitment for the next level of a partner-friendly eco-system. It is actually overwhelming to see how many software vendors appreciate this step forward and want to be part of the eco-system from the very beginning. They all agree that in order to make the cloud an option for every company a joint effort of all market players is necessary.

The democratization of the software market, the rise of open source and the new flexibility and elasticity that cloud itself brings are the important drivers. And this is what Fujitsu provides in the Business Solutions Store: Through this marketplace, independent software vendors (ISVs) get a strong and trusted partner for offering their software as a service in a certified and tested, no-risk technical environment. They are then free to invest in staff or infrastructure and, via the subscription-based pricing model, they can invoice business applications precisely on a pay-per-use basis. This is a great way to enter a global market and conduct business without borders. And this road to the cloud is short, sweet and flexible (or “elastic” as Stephan Kaiser, Senior Vice President of PAC put it). According to Björn Kreutzfeld, Director of Platform as a Service & ISV Business, it only takes three steps: 1. Define Go To Market, 2. Technical Interface Integrations and 3. Enjoy (Cloud Business)! It’s that simple!

The Fujitsu Forum was, of course, the right place for those who have been seeking a complete overview of cloud computing and all related topics. From private cloud to hybrid cloud, from community cloud to public cloud – every aspect was covered. Of course, security was a top theme. What I really liked was that in his presentation, David Robinson, Chief Security Officer and Director of Information Security, went into every single security consideration and illustrated Fujitsu’s approach – which is based on know-how and competence as well as on partnership and trust.

After two vibrant days at the Fujitsu Forum, I am now even more optimistic that cloud services will take off. The numbers from Stephan Kaiser of PAC point in the same direction. His prediction: cloud business will grow by 30 percent by 2015, whereas the whole IT market will only grow 5 percent in the same time. This is truly a game-changing shift in the marketplace.




Andre Kiehne


P.S.: If you’d like to have a look at all the presentations, I recommend clicking slideshare or rummaging through the face2fujitsu-blog.

Author: Andre Kiehne

Director Solution Sales, Microsoft Germany GmbH

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