The highest degree of appreciation…

Congrats to an employee of a competitor of ours. Even before the promotional initiative for Fujitsu Global Cloud – our “Free Trial Program” – he detected the link to our landing page and tried to register himself with his business mail account ( Coming into play exactly at this stage is the difference between a Public Cloud offering and the Fujitsu Trusted Cloud approach (often referred to Virtual Private Cloud). The latter requires a proper registration process – and so do we. As he gave all the details required, we decided to call as the easiest way to get in touch. Talking to him we found out that he was really impressed about our free trial offer, where the customer can configure his virtual data center infrastructure the easiest way (through our portal) and test it for 30 days, free of charge. He wondered that we do not necessarily require a cancellation after that testing period has ended and that the customers will only get charged if they continue to use their infrastructure, otherwise no bills occur.
So bottom line:  Looks like the competitor eyes are all on us, and isn’t that the highest degree of appreciation?

Author: Andre Kiehne

Director Solution Sales, Microsoft Germany GmbH

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